February 14th, 2014


Last weekend I went to Birmingham, Alabama with two assistants to work on a wedding. It was one of those jobs where everything goes right and we got to eat wedding cake when it was all said and done. Doing flowers, especially for these larger, more involved events, you can either be an artist or the hired help. This family was divine, and I mean truly. Bringing us coffee and cookies, gushing over flowers. Completely setting our studio up, introducing us to their yard man who cut several truckloads of branches and vines for us to use. Not to mention I had my two favorite flower girls by my side and a some really talented local assistants along for the ride. It was heaven, and so validating to remember that weddings aren’t all about show and flash. This wedding had a really big heart.












It’s Valentine’s Day and I should be slinging flowers all over town but instead I’m taking the day off. Michael and I are headed out for coffee and some exploring of our new neighborhood then making dinner at home. Doesn’t 2 years ago seem like a lifetime? (And also just last week.) The rom-com plot thickens, our heroine moves to California to be with a man and also falls in love with the ceaseless orange blossoms and sunshine. The story still twists and turns, but the ending doesn’t seem that important anymore.


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