DIY Metallic Acorn Napkin Ring



I can never find the perfect table decorations for Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is just a day away (it definitely snuck up on me!), today I’m showing you how to make last minute metallic acorn napkin rings that are sure fire way to wow your guests. They’re metallic too, so they’ll add a perfect touch of shimmer to your table setting. Check out the DIY below and don’t forget the gold paint! —Sam





-Acorns (artificial or real will work)


-Gold and silver craft paint


-Small paint brush


-Elastic string


-Drill and drill bit slightly larger than the diameter of your elastic


-Parchment paper



Step 1: Paint the acorns silver and gold and place on a sheet of parchment paper to dry.


Step 2: Once the acorns are dry, drill a hole all the way through the middle of each one.


Step 3: String the acorns onto the elastic string. I used 7 acorns per napkin ring.


Step 4: Cut the elastic string and tie off with a double knot. Trim any long ends and place over your napkin!





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