A Kurbits Villa Filled With Swedish Folk Art

A Kurbits Villa Filled With Swedish Folk Art

For a Swedish couple with a modern Scandinavian sensibility, purchasing a historic home in Stockholm with details from another era meant respecting what came before while adding their own touches. Just over three years ago, Elin Johansson and her husband, Daniel, were looking for a flat, but ended up buying “a house with potential” instead. They fell in love with all the quirky features, like a fireplace with kurbits flourishes — which is a historical Swedish style of painting decorative vegetation in bright colors. Built in 1938 by a man from Dalarna, Sweden (where kurbits detailing is typical), the home also has a fully painted ceiling downstairs. “It’s very unusual,” Elin says, “And always fun to see people’s reactions!” Though the kurbits paintwork is signed and dated, the couple has unfortunately not yet been able to track down its creator, but try to fill the house with fun things they find throughout their travels to contrast with and complement the artist’s vision.

As much as the homeowners adore these interesting and original characteristics, they also wanted the home to reflect their own personalities. They favor prints, retro objects, and Art Deco furniture, so they tried to achieve an eclectic mix of styles in their decoration. Elin and Daniel love hosting parties for friends and family, where they start up the sauna and hot tub, add some drinks from the bar, and fully appreciate all the modern conveniences — in addition to more classic details. —Annie

Photography by Elin Johansson


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