December Essays: Poetry by Carrie Murphy



[Editor’s note: This is the third installment of our new writing series curated by Ashley C. Ford. We’re so happy to welcome Carrie Murphy today. xo, grace]


Farm Fetish

If I become the kind


of woman who cans


things, I will can all


my own




I am an apple orchard.


Or, I want to be.


I want to wear clothes the color


of farm animals:


a pink mohair sweater like a pig’s sweet snout,


boots the burnished chestnut of a favorite horse.


Then I’ll live with a blue sky


like a lapis ring & clouds like the drugs


we put up our noses. I want the mud


caked on the stairs & the fuchsia skin


blistered from milking the cow. I want the rag rug


warming the wooden floor.


I am a green meadow from a catalog.


I am the flowers, cropped.


I wash my own clothes on a rock.


*Click through to read a second poem, “New Domesticity,” from Carrie after the jump*


New Domesticity

Stirring pitchers of sweet tea, smiling on porches


filled with guitars & barefoot people under a waning moon


but with candles scattered artfully so it’s bright enough to hum:


these fantasies are as artless as the means we’re willing to use


to make them real. Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Wait,


it’s not supposed to. Is this thing a thing that happens to you


or a thing you make? The sticky-fingered toddlers,


house with a charmingly creaky step & a big office in the back,


filled with books. All these things.


The charming ringing in my head. Jolly haphazard bohemian


dream, no it’s a script, no it’s a dream, no matter


how much sugar I’ll want to add, no matter how many


cut rate rag dolls cast down by the hand of a child


who is not a thing, a baby who is not an ornament,


crickets rubbing & rubbing & rubbing in the blue


evenings, because that’s the way they sing.

About Carrie: Carrie Murphy is the author of the poetry collections FAT DAISIES (BigLucks, 2015) and *PRETTY TILT* (Keyhole Press, 2012). She received an MFA from New Mexico State University. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Carrie works as a freelance writer and doula in Albuquerque, NM, where she is a member of the Dirt City Writers Collective. You can find out more about Carrie’s work at her website.


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