41 Sconces for Warm Winter Light

41 Sconces for Warm Winter Light

It’s funny how a deadline can make things come together quickly when you’ve been dragging your feet all along. Julia and I have been using our dining room as a catchall for our leftover bits and pieces from Brooklyn and it was, frankly, a ginormous mess. You can check it out here (slide 23) for the full effect, but suffice to say, it needed to come together — and come together quickly — for a big reason: it would be the site of our 14-person Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanks to some great local craftsmen, we were able to get the entire room (trim, ceiling and walls) painted, have bookshelves built and have all new electrical cut and installed in time for the big meal — the night before, to be exact. Nothing like a photo finish. I’m going to post a big reveal on the site soon, but in the meantime, all of my hunting for dining room sconces got me thinking about all of the great options I found, and how wonderful sconces are for adding some warm light in cold, dark winter months. So today I’m sharing 40 of my favorites that I found in our search. From the $99 twig sconces we got for our bathroom to splurgy, fancy sconces, there’s something fun, chic and a little funky here for everyone. xo, grace


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