DIY Stamped Winter Napkins



As the holidays are in full swing, you might need a quick solution to spice up the decor at your upcoming party. With all of the shopping and time spent wrapping presents, you probably haven’t thought about how you will be decorating for your holiday dinner. Well, I’ve got an easy solution to take a plain napkin and — with just some stamps and a little paint — turn it into something your guests will surely be chatting about! Check out the tutorial after the jump and put a little fun into setting the table! —Sam





-Winter-themed stamps


-Fabric paint


-Small paintbrush


-Plain napkins




-Piece of cardboard



Step 1: Place a piece of cardboard under the part of the napkin that you are going to stamp. This will make sure that the stamp touches all areas of the napkin when you push down.


Step 2: Paint the stamp with your fabric paint, making sure to cover the whole design.


Step 3: Stamp onto the napkin. Paint the stamp again and repeat until you have created a pattern.


Step 4: On the cotton setting, iron over the stamped area once it has dried to set in the ink.






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