A Bright Nashville Home for a Stylist and Musician

A Bright Nashville Home for a Stylist and Musician

I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t have to think about renewing leases every year, the day when updating my kitchen doesn’t involve red tape, and the day when I can feel ownership over the place in which I live. Renting is great for now, but there is something unsettled about it to me. Mary Ellen and Jacob Arnold craved a more permanent address a year after moving to Music City. The process was challenging, but the result is a serene, gorgeous space that is absolutely theirs.

Mary Ellen, a hair stylist, and Jacob Arnold, a touring musician, moved from Atlanta, GA to Nashville, TN in 2014. After living in a rental for a year, the couple wanted a place to settle into and call home that didn’t come with an expiration date. Mary Ellen and Jacob ended up house-hunting in a hot market, touring homes that were sold the same day they were listed for sale. The process was more intense and competitive than they had anticipated. Their real estate agent convinced them to look at a ranch home on a busy road since it had recently been flipped and was in their budget, despite the high-traffic road making it less desirable. The pair walked in the door and made an offer immediately. “I’m so glad it’s ours,” Mary Ellen says. “Buying a home was so hard, and this being our first was a roller coaster ride. I’m excited about all the memories we have made and are going to make.”

The Arnolds got to work immediately, personalizing the recently renovated space with their own style. “We wanted our house to be open and bright,” Mary Ellen shares. “I like the Scandinavian-style homes and wanted that minimal feel for our home. We also wanted it to be comfortable and cozy. I feel like it’s some sort of mix between minimal, rustic, whimsical and Art Deco.” The home is light and airy with a cohesive palette of whites, greys, pinks and wood tones throughout. Mary Ellen’s eye for detail and styling enhances each room’s charm. The Arnold residence is a place that Jacob loves to come home to after traveling abroad for shows, and it’s a place where Mary Ellen (and little dog Therman) can feel comfortable while Jacob is away. This unexpected home was worth the fight, and it’s theirs as long as they want it to be. –Lauren

Photography by Austin Day


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