Spring Finn & Co. Studio Tour

Spring Finn & Co. Studio Tour

We first met Talin Spring back in September when we toured her Provence-inspired Minneapolis home. The peek into a small home studio she uses for her accessories line, Spring Finn & Co., had us itching for more, so we are thrilled to give you a full tour of her other studio today.

Spring Finn & Co. is a second career for Talin, after having a previous career as an investment banker. While she enjoyed many aspects of that job — stimulating work and travel all over the world — Spring Finn and Co. is her true passion. Though it seems like a leap to jump from the world of finance to handmade leather goods, this was quite a natural progression for Talin. As a child in Istanbul, she grew up in a home where everything was handmade. Her mother and grandmother were masters of needlework and her father owned three shoe and slipper shops, so she became very familiar with the leather trade from a young age. With a deep appreciation for high-quality materials and time-honored leather-working techniques, Talin is proud to make products she loves for clients who share that same appreciation.

In terms of process, she doesn’t stick to one particular method. She tends to evaluate what she has on hand (a small leather sample from a supplier can inspire an entire collection) and visualizes what she wants to see on her clients that season. It might be casual canvas for summer, and chic leather in winter. Talin is not looking to chase trends, and instead wants to create timeless pieces that age beautifully. She never knows where it’s going in the beginning, which, Talin says, creates some anxiety, but “like the pieces of a puzzle it always seems to fall in the right place, and when I reach that moment I can start breathing again.” The next step is the pattern and canvas mock-up, where she nails down proportion before moving onto the leather prototype. This can go several rounds.

Located in the old Foundry building in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis, this space is imbued with history and the same timeless quality of her accessories. Talin loves having this creative studio, where she draws, makes prototypes and gathers inspiration. The space, much like her home, embodies the perfect combination of global appeal and American craftsmanship that Talin is known for. A perfect melding of East meets West. –Shannon

Photography by 2nd Truth Photography


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