December 15th, 2013

kinfolk table at elmwood

Two summers ago, Kinfolk came out to take some photos at Elmwood for this fall’s The Kinfolk Table cookbook. I made some blueberry currant jam for the book and damn- don’t you miss blueberry time? The entire perimeter of Elmwood’s pond is lined with hundreds of wild blueberry bushes. I know I should be basking in December’s holiday glow right now, but no. The snow here has turned to slush, give me goldenrod and horsefly bites any day.


kinfolk table at elmwood2

kinfolk table at elmwood6


kinfolk table at elmwood5

kinfolk table at elmwood3
kinfolk table at elmwood4
I might ease into holiday excitement except for the fact that the Merricks already celebrated Christmas 3 weeks early. We made the dinner and did the tree and all that. No real presents because there is no stress like present stress. I see holiday decorations in the streets and candy in the stores and surprised that the holidays are still happening. Yes, the world spins without you. I did, however, treat myself to a new camera lens so I’m hoping that encourages me to capture and post more creative projects here. That will be a big present to myself, and I hope that you get some enjoyment out the bargain, too.

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