12 Small Changes That Make a Big Impact at Home

12 Small Changes That Make a Big Impact at Home

It’s hard to resist the allure of a full blown makeover. New paint, new furniture, new lighting — the full shebang. But for a lot of us, that top-to-bottom upgrade isn’t an option. Total makeovers require a lot of time, money and professional skills (I’m still nervous to do my own electrical work), and not everyone has all three handy.

So what do we do if we want to upgrade our homes and make a change without giving up weeks of time and cutting too deeply into our bank accounts? We make small changes — small changes that make a big impact. From swapping out light switch covers to recovering your chairs, this list of 12 quick and inexpensive changes are a failsafe way to dress up your rooms for 2016 without blowing your budget. Bonus? Most of these can be done DIY-style, so I’ve included tutorials for each if you want to get started today. *All of these ideas can easily be done in a day, too! xo, grace


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