DIY Geometric “To-Do” Magnets



Like many people, I’m a big list-writer. I always have at least one to-do list on the go, either for specific days, weeks or more longterm planning. Usually my lists are written in my agenda and are full of things that I need to get done. Lately, though, I’ve noticed that the lists I make for weekends affect both me and my boyfriend.


With this in mind, I made this simple clay “to-do” magnet — and matching minis — so that I can keep the list up on our fridge. This way, we can both add to the same list and know what the other wants to accomplish at a glance. —Kathleen Ballos




-Air-dry/oven-bake clay


-Clay roller


-Craft knife






-Alphabet cookie cutters (T, O, and D shaped)




-Hot glue gun


-Parchment paper





Step 1: Roll out the clay so that it’s about ¼” thick. Use the cookie cutters to spell out “TO DO.”


Step 2: Use the ruler and craft knife to cut a rectangle around the letters (do this over a cutting mat if you are working on a nice tabletop).


Step 3: Use water to smooth any rough edges.


Step 4: Use the knife to cut out additional geometric shapes from the rolled out clay. Let dry overnight on parchment paper or bake following the clay’s instructions.


Step 5: Paint the “TO DO” magnet – be sure to cover the front and sides, but the back won’t be visible, so there’s no need to paint there.


Step 6: Paint the other geometric shapes as well, and let dry.


Step 7: Use the hot glue gun to attach magnets onto the backs of the shapes and on both ends of the “TO DO” rectangle.



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