A Dutch Home with Pretty Paint and Clean Lines

A Dutch Home with Pretty Paint and Clean Lines

“Minimal” can often mean “sparse” in design, but a few strategically-bold items in a pared-down home can make your space feel full of style. ICU nurse Rick and administrative worker Maartje aren’t strangers to that strategy. Their Helmond-city house in Holland proves that brilliant wallpaper and paint are all you really need to craft an impactful abode. For a month and a half after moving in, Rick and Maartje went about painting walls and getting the space in working order. Neither are great with tools, so simple fixes and hacks were the way to go. This included new cabinetry and a basic clean-up throughout. “The space itself is not special or unusual, but we like to believe that the way that we decorated and painted it makes it special,” the homeowners say.

The bold paint job serves as the perfect backdrop to the couple’s continually changing decor. For the past five years, they’ve kept their home feeling fresh by shuffling around the furniture and decor inside. Whenever they are feeling a bit stale or stuck in their ways, a little tweak here, a dresser moved there  – and poof! – a new home is born. That being said, you should take a peek inside their home now. Who knows what it will look like tomorrow? Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Rick and Maartje


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