Caring for Indoor Plants During Winter + Best of the Web

Caring for Indoor Plants During Winter + Best of the Web

While winter hasn’t quite made its presence known in my area (we’re usually covered in snow by now, but it’s still dry and sunny here), the temperatures are dropping and I’m keeping a close eye on all of my indoor plants to make sure I’m not drying them out or letting them get too cold by the windows. I inevitably lose a plant or two over the winter, but this year I’m hoping each and every one makes it through to spring. Thankfully, Damien and Jackie of Harrison Green are here today to share their expert tips for caring for indoor plants during the winter. From pointers on placement and light to types of hardy plants that will weather the winter well, their advice will help you get through the winter with plenty of happy, healthy plants. Just click through the slideshow above for their top 8 tips and a list of great indoor plants. xo, grace

Photography by Nicholas Calcott




Owning a landscape design, installation and maintenance company in New York City is a business that — in many ways — is controlled by the weather and the seasons. We are constantly checking the weather forecast so that we can be prepared for how frigid winters or hot and humid summers will affect our clients’ gardens. Even wind can be a challenge for our rooftop gardens and terraces, while heavy rainfall can wreak havoc on shady townhouse courtyards.

For this reason, we have really grown to love indoor plants and the year-round consistency and reliability that they can (almost always) provide. Especially during the winter months, when there can be three feet of snow outside and only bare trees, it is great to be able to walk inside and see some green. Indoor plants have the additional benefit of improving air quality and helping you breathe better, and have even been credited with deterring illness and increasing productivity. This is especially beneficial in winter, when people are spending so much more time indoors.

Given that we spend most of our time concerned with our clients’ gardens, we honestly have very little time to worry about plants of our own, so the plants we have around us need to be tough and able to withstand some occasional neglect.

Somewhat by accident, our studio in Brooklyn has become a living laboratory of indoor plants, where we have been able to test firsthand the hardiness of a number of species. Along the way, we have learned some lessons about how to care for these indoor plants and some of the best foolproof species to use. Here, we share some of the plants that inhabit our studio and some simple tips to help anyone keep an indoor plant alive, especially during the colder months. —Damien and Jackie of Harrison Green


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