A Chicago Family’s No-Holds-Barred High-rise

A Chicago Family's No-Holds-Barred High-rise

When The CHICago Life’s creator Amelia Canham Eaton and her husband, Peter, enrolled in grad school, the pair was a bit hesitant. The decision meant they’d be trading in the tree-lined streets of Chicago, IL’s Lakeview neighborhood for the high-rises and bustle of downtown. Frankly, both figured they’d immediately move back to a quieter neighborhood to raise a family after graduation. Over the years, though, they have fallen so in love with living downtown that the couple is sticking around to raise their growing baby, Connor, in a condo atop the glittering Second City.

Initially, the all-white, two-bedroom spot didn’t have much pizazz, and that wasn’t going to cut it for design-enthusiast Amelia. But she quickly realized that the blank slate would be the perfect place for her to experiment with different styles. As you’ll see, these experiments have left her with a home that’s far from ordinary. Bold, black paint jobs, unique artwork and even a touch of dalmatian-print wallpaper are just a few of the eye-popping elements she’s tried out in her home. “We want the space to reflect our eclectic style, while also being kid-friendly and relatively clutter-free. It’s also very important that it feels inviting – we love to casually entertain,” Peter and Amelia say. Human guests aren’t the only ones welcome in the condo. The family’s two black labradors were also top-of-mind when Amelia was designing the family’s home. “We didn’t want anything to feel too precious that they couldn’t enjoy it also. Keeping them off furniture just isn’t our reality. We all love to curl up together!”

With someone so in love with decorating at the helm of the design process, the majority of the abode will never truly be finished. The one exception is Connor’s room. His parents both agree that everything in his nursery came together so perfectly, that the space feels completely complete. When you take a peek inside, notice how his room’s custom moldings and wallpaper create a bright nest for him to grow into. It’s my favorite room in their home. Which one’s yours? —Garrett

Photography by Hallie Duesenberg


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