18 Embroidery Instagram Feeds to Follow

18 Embroidery Instagram Feeds to Follow

If you read design and lifestyle magazines and blogs, you know that ceramics are having a major renaissance right now. Everywhere I look, there’s a new article on the next wave of ceramicists, and it seems like (thanks to pottery classes everywhere) we’re all learning how to make our own dinner plates. I think any resurgence of handmade goods is fantastic. And man, do I love anyone who knows how to make something beautiful on a potter’s wheel. But lately, I’ve been feeling a new wave of artists and makers start to swell — and their focus is on embroidery.

All over the Internet (on social media and in shops and online boutiques), embroidery seems to be having a huge comeback. Most design trends are cyclical, so I’m sure we’ll see embroidery come back over and over, but right now my Instagram feed is flooded with amazing people making magic in embroidery hoops. But instead of traditional designs, these artists are embroidering more aggressive sayings and mantras, embracing the darker side of stitching; and tapping into the type of delicate imagery we’re seeing in the poke-and-stick-tattoo scene that’s happening right now, too.

From flowers and foxes to names and complete landscapes, these embroidered designs feel perfect for the season. While I’m in no way an expert crafter, I’m excited to swap out some of my normal “while-I-watch-movies” routines for crafting some custom embroidered pieces on hoops this winter. It’s the perfect way to learn something new and pass the time inside while the temperatures drop below zero outdoors. Read on to discover 18 of my favorite embroiderers to follow on Instagram and, as always, please feel free to suggest your favorites in the comment section below. I’m excited to discover some talented new artists. xo, grace

*Stay tuned for another roundup next week of some skilled embroidered-patch makers, curated by artist and designer, Tuesday Bassen!


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