#DSStorefronts + Best of The Web



This week has flown by, but it’s ending on such a wonderful note. This week I went into the city to meet with our publisher about In the Company of Women (our new book!), and we made BIG plans for this fall. We’re planning no ordinary book tour, and I cannot wait to tell you our idea. It’s all about connecting communities not just across the country, but the world. It’s going to be so fun and so meaningful. I can’t wait. Until then, I wanted to wrap up this week with a new hashtag challenge inspired by all of the gorgeous stores (and their talented display teams): #DSStorefronts




Whether you snap a picture of a beautifully patterned exterior, a hand painted sign, or just a genius use of the front window space, upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #DSStorefronts (please note: this is for store exteriors, not interiors). We’ll choose our favorites and share them here and on Instagram, too. This challenge is all about celebrating your favorite local shops and great design. Please be sure to name and tag the shop so they can share some love, too.


Photos above: The Paper Craft Pantry (photo by Printerette) and Miam Cafe (photo by AnaNewYork)






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