An Airy and Orderly Aesthetic in Nashville

An Airy and Orderly Aesthetic in Nashville

In the business of building “interesting and beautiful aesthetics,” event stylist Jessica Sloane tells the compelling story of her own family through “personalized elements with an eye for the natural environment and overall clean aesthetic” in her new-construction Nashville, TN home. Along with husband Michael, son Sullivan, and their Puggle, Elliott, Jessica has enjoyed striking a balance between her need for orderly elegance and the practical requirements of a two-and-a-half year-old child. With a strong appreciation for organization, Jessica set out to declutter and find a place for each thing she brought in. Equally as important, she made sure each new decorative investment would be child-friendly — likely taking a beating from a curious kid. “I will admit,” Jessica says, “Having so much white in my house hasn’t proven to be toddler-friendly. I bought a large white rug for our downstairs living room and it’s a challenge to keep it clean!”

In addition to bright finishes, adding to the open, airy feeling are the dozens of large windows through which bright sunlight pours all day long. Each room in the house has its own almost floor-to-ceiling openings. Nashville — a city with a booming growth rate — is keeping up with its population by allowing two homes to be built on some lots zoned for a single structure. The Sloanes are in one such place that sits right next to its neighbor, but the layout maintains the residents’ privacy by keeping all windows to one side, and away from outside eyes.

“As a designer, I obsess over the details and really enjoy curating spaces,” Jessica shares. This home encourages her to tailor the environment as her family grows and changes, and even allows for hosting gatherings and photo shoots as her professional interests continue to evolve in parallel. —Annie

Photography by Shelby Hornbuckle


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