A Colorful, Layered Home Focused on Fun and Family

A Colorful, Layered Home Focused on Fun and Family

Aniko Levai and her husband only had two things on their “must-have” list when they were first house-hunting: location and privacy. With two young boys, aged four and six, being close to their school was important and easy enough to find, but a home on a private, spacious lot was more of a challenge — and meant sacrificing a turnkey space. When the family found this detached home offering over 2,000 square feet in the heart of Richmond, VA, it was an entirely different space than it is now.

Having grown up in Hungary, Aniko moved to America 14 years ago and started a family business with her husband. A photographer in her downtime, Aniko naturally documented the many changes they made to their home, and eventually launched the blog Place of My Taste to chronicle their adventures in everything home, family and DIY. As a young family of four that runs a business, life for the Levai family is busy and chaotic; so function and fun were top-of-mind when it came to design. “I like to bring in and mix different styles,” Aniko says, “Using pops of colors in each room.” Whether it’s the breakfast nook or a bedroom, no space is free from up-cycled furniture, DIY project pieces, art, or printed photographs of Aniko’s. Even outside in the backyard, handmade pallet furniture and accessories make up the fabric of their daily lives.

Color and layering textures is something Aniko never shies away from, and giving her children a fun space to feel free in is what home is all about. Despite their busy lives, and some of the more superficial annoyances of the home (such as two smaller living rooms rather than one large room), having a private space in which the whole family can feel comfortable is paramount. Nothing is too precious in Aniko’s home — except for those whom she shares it with. Sabrina

Photography by Aniko Levai Photography


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