A Day In The Life of Amelia The Hedgehog + Best Of The Web

A Day In The Life of Amelia The Hedgehog + Best Of The Web

There are very few things (maybe nothing) that lift me up like animals do. Whether it’s a rough day, week or month, it’s hard to stay too sad when you have a furry friend by your side. So whether it’s watching this video over and over or delving into one of my favorite animal feeds on Instagram, I love heading into the weekend with a little pick-me-up. And today, that pick-me-up is a fuzzy feeling we can all take with us, courtesy of Amelia the Hedgehog. I discovered her feed through our #DSPetStyle challenge and have been hooked ever since. Amelia and her mom, Sophia (a photographer based in Vancouver), are sharing with us a day in their lives. Get ready for some cute overload. Until Monday, here’s wishing you all a safe and happy weekend. xo, grace



    • I am in love with this Instagram feed, Chasing Textures. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s amazing.
    • Chelsea Fuss’ new website is filled with beautiful florals.


    • Recipes:


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