Doing It His Way In Cape Town, South Africa

Doing It His Way In Cape Town, South Africa

Nearby the city center in Cape Town, South Africa, freelance designer, director, and entertainment consultant Chad Findlay pulled off quite the feat — transforming the basement of his parents’ home into his own dream apartment. Having studied at the College of Magic from the age of nine, Chad was well-versed in directing large productions, but this renovation required some unexpected tricks, like excavating mounds of dirt and large boulders out of the mountainside to make way for steel supports. With the help of his family, Chad was able to design his ideal space on a small budget while decorating with pieces he loves. Scouring sales, discount outlets, and his grandmother’s furniture collection “could have been a disastrous combination!” he jokes. Nearly every fixture and finish in the flat was free or salvaged, an act that pleases the practical performer greatly. “I love the fact [that] everything has a story to tell… with a balance between vintage and contemporary — not too granny, not too showroom.”


As in many homes, the details keep changing — and Chad swears it’s not an illusion. “I go to bed, I wake up, and things have moved,” he says. “There are either a bunch of very eager decorating fairies finding their way inside on a nightly basis, or I sleep-decorate.” In spite of the unexplained phenomenon, Chad feels “most thankful for the space, the location, and the opportunity to do it my way!” —Annie


Photography by Sam Burrows



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