An Illustrator’s Spacious Ohio Home

An Illustrator's Spacious Ohio Home

Growing up in Uzbekistan, Dinara Mirtalipova saw firsthand how cultures and styles blend beautifully. During World War 2, Uzbekistan became a refuge for people of all nationalities, including her grandmother, a Russian girl who stayed in the republic after she met Dinara’s grandfather, an Uzbek man. Dinara’s upbringing was a balance of east and west, Muslim and Christian influence. She was fascinated with the cultures from around the world her father would tell her about. Now, living in Ohio years later, Dinara blends her experience and upbringing into her stunning illustrations and into her home in Sagamore Hills.


Dinara, a freelance illustrator and artist, Sherzod, a computer engineer, and their 4-year-old daughter, Sabrina, moved into their home three years ago. “We fell in love with the height of the ceilings and outdoor area that is just perfect for summer tea parties. The house is in great shape, however, a few renovations wouldn’t hurt. But we are on a budget and getting things done slowly and by ourselves,” Dinara says. “It has been three years, but I feel like we are still in the process. Major renovations require big money, but I’m enjoying the process of turning something old into something new.” Dinara’s love of creating something new out of two styles is reflected in both the changes the family has made to their home and the decor within it.


Dinara and Sherzod’s home is a spacious, 3,000-square-foot house with large rooms, high ceilings and gorgeous light. The home was built in 1990 and has a grand, traditional sense to the architecture and features. The Mirtalipovas allowed the architecture to guide their furniture layout and design, but they incorporated subtle, modern and playful elements throughout their space. The combination of aesthetics is capped off with Dinara’s lovely illustrated prints and textiles. -Lauren


Photography by Dinara Mirtalipova



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