A Waterfront Remodel on the Florida Coast

A Waterfront Remodel on the Florida Coast

When Lillian and Raymond Garcia bought their 1,150-square-foot beach condo in St. Petersburg, FL, they were looking for a vacation house on the water less than two hours away from their primary home in Orlando. With its waterfront community setting and spacious open layout, the Garcias’ beach home helps them relax and unwind and easily entertain family and friends (as well as rent to vacationers). The couple tasked designer Jenny Kaplan of An Aesthetic Pursuit with giving the space a complete overhaul in seven months. They knocked down walls, replaced the floors, countertops, and cabinetry, and refreshed wall colors and furniture, turning the space from a generic beach home into a bright and modern retreat.


The Garcias looked to nature for inspiration, incorporating warm and organic accents that would compliment their beach surroundings. Jenny developed a color palette inspired by the abundant seashells on the surrounding white sand beaches. She also helped the homeowners protect their investment by ensuring that each new piece added was chosen not only for its look, but also for its sturdiness and ability to withstand the wear and tear of a vacation rental property. The floors, for example, are durable tile, not wood, and each finish was chosen to perform well in wet, humid conditions. To maintain a personal feel, the Garcias’ daughter, Lindsey, created artwork for the living area and master bedroom. She sourced local shells and found objects from the beach for hanging shadow boxes, which complement the overall beachy aesthetic. Lindsey and Jenny also handmade the shibori throw pillows used as accents throughout. Read on to see more of their sunny Florida makeover. —Annie


Photography by Daniele Napolitano



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