A 1900s Cabin in the California Wilderness

A 1900s Cabin in the California Wilderness

Dawn De La Fuente, founder of s/he apothecary line, and Ian Ernzer, lead designer at Butchershop creative agency, are lovers of the outdoors. Dawn studies herbalism and Ian is a surfer, climber and nature photographer in his free time. Their connection to the wild inspired a move to Mill Valley, CA three and a half years ago, when they found an early 1900s cabin for rent, tucked away in the redwoods. Their home and environment have been sources of inspiration for Dawn and Ian. “To live in the forest with access to boundless nature is one of the greatest gifts we could ask for. [It] reminds us that we’re all connected — it’s like medicine for the soul,” Dawn says.


“Most all of the home’s original features are intact, but they’re also slightly antiquated and very rustic. Our goal was to honor [in decorating] and embrace the history of the home, but to brighten and simplify the interior with more modern elements,” Dawn says. “To me, a home is a reflection of the people within it. Our home is our sanctuary filled with relics from world travels, art from dear friends, and treasured vintage finds. Every touchpoint holds a story or memory, from the blankets and rugs to our morning ritual with our favorite tea and coffee mugs. Building a home is a forever work-in-progress.”


Natural wood, white walls and cherished furniture and decorations fill their home in a meaningful way. The trees surrounding their home have become part of the aesthetic as well. This cabin away from the city is the perfect place for Dawn and Ian to call home. —Lauren


Photography by Caddie McCumber





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