A Chef and Painter’s Art-Filled Cottage in South Carolina

A Chef and Painter’s Art-Filled Cottage in South Carolina

For me, getting comfortable doesn’t always mean snagging the best spot on the sofa for movie night. It doesn’t mean putting on my robe after a long day. True comfort is hard to come by. It’s effortless. It’s a state of being so at ease and so in tune with your space, you seem to blend into your surroundings. For a house to feel comfortable, it takes a special blend of love and craft.


Eleven years ago, painter Joseph Bradley and his wife Rachel, a pastry chef, moved into their Greenville, SC neighborhood. The area’s charming, old colonials and proximity to nearby friends has served them well. It fit them so perfectly that when it was time to upgrade, they only considered homes that were close by. As luck would have it, just as the Bradleys were on the hunt for a new nest, family friends were trading in their South Carolina house for one in Atlanta. With more room for their expanding family and lots of old-world charm, their friends’ 1940s cottage was a perfect fit for Joseph and Rachel.


The space was move-in ready, so without hesitation the family pounced on it and have since had a blast making the cottage their own. The previous owners had done a fabulous job designing and maintaining the house, but for the Bradley family to truly feel comfortable, one renovation was in order — and it wasn’t a subtle one either. Joseph and Rachel didn’t like how their bedroom was upstairs, far away from each of their three growing boys’ rooms below. To remedy this, they added on bedrooms and bathrooms to their house’s second floor. For five months construction went nonstop, but in the end it was a small price to pay for the chance to live at ease. Nowadays, all of the Bradley boys sleep soundly closer to their artistic parents.


With construction complete, the family focused on further decorating their 2,500-square-foot home. Over the past two years, it’s become an eclectic mix of arresting art, antiques and family heirlooms. Joseph’s ties to the art world have resulted in walls that are bursting with new pieces by colleagues and friends. All of the Bradleys, including their young children, are collectors as well. License plates, platters, and groups of figurines all do wonders for making the home into the comfortable sanctuary they hoped for all along. Enjoy! —Garrett


Photography by Paige French & Chris Isham



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