Sweet Paul Makerie + New Book Preview in Philly + Best of the Web



Two years ago, I had the pleasure of joining Paul Lowe and his amazing family of co-workers and readers at the NYC Sweet Paul Makerie event. It was a weekend full of crafting, creativity and camaraderie and Julia and I got to join in for the first night’s dinner. That night, both Julia and I left feeling more inspired and connected to people in our community than we had been in a long time.





So when Paul invited me to join in at this year’s Sweet Paul Makerie event at URBN Inc in Philadelphia, I jumped at the chance. In addition to a weekend full of incredible crafting opportunities and creative inspiration, I’ll be joining Julia and Caitlin from our team to present the first-ever preview of our new book, In the Company of Women. I’m going to reveal behind-the-scenes photos, details from our process, and share some of the remarkable photos and stories of the over 100 women featured in the book.





In addition to our preview, the Makerie event will include 10 amazing craft and business classes like: The Art of Paper Cutting with Elsa Mora, Woven Wall Hanging with Tif & Meg Fussell, Chalk Lettering Basics with Valerie McKeehan, Cookie Decorating Demystified with Patti Paige, Spoon Carving with Melanie Abrantes, and Social Media Photography & Prop Styling with Sweet Paul himself. There will be some very special guests in attendance, so if you’re in the area, grab one of the last tickets and come and join us! It’s going to be a spectacular weekend and it’s a great chance to check out Philly and go home with loads of inspiration. Click here to pick up a ticket and we hope to see you there on April 16th and 17th! xo, grace




    • SAIPUA is having an amazing plant-filled event this weekend in Brooklyn. If you are in town, don’t miss this sale/class all-around-awesome extravaganza. Details and sign up here!




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