A Mid-Century Home With Worldly Loom Goods in Salt Lake City

A Mid-Century Home With Worldly Loom Goods in Salt Lake City

Seeking a clean, comfortable, and contemporary space that could still be child-friendly, Karyn and Dominic Blosil purchased their 1961 mid-century modern house in Salt Lake City, UT two-and-a-half years ago. After spending only 10 months in the remodeled residence, the family relocated to Portland, OR for a spell, and just returned several months ago. Settling in — again — with bright, organic finishes grounded by cultural fabrics and rugs allowed Karyn the opportunity to source many items from her own home textiles and accessories company, Loom Goods.


“I tend to stick with neutrals when decorating,” she shares, “But love to use a variety of textures to add warmth to a room.” Kids Julian, Lulu, and Nico require durability in their surroundings, but the most challenging part of decorating has proven to be the long and narrow orientations of both the living room and kitchen. Karyn often finds herself moving furniture around to test the layout options, but large windows and tons of natural light offset any minor difficulties. “We had just moved to Salt Lake City from Southern California, and I was homesick for that California sunshine,” she recalls. With a close approximation of her native habitat well underway, there is still much Karyn wants to do and decorate — but for now, she is grateful to be back in the home with her own modern family. —Annie


Photography by Becky Kimball



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