Best of The Web + Jeannie Phan



Last week I visited my old art school stomping grounds (Sheridan) to offer some advice and input to the fourth year soon-to-be BAA illustration grads, and it was so great to dive back into a crowd of young, hungry, creative people and get a glimpse into how they think. After all, gaining perspective can sometimes be the greatest form of inspiration!


With technology and the “maker movement” quickly altering the landscape, it’s so great to see artists who rise to the occasion and, in my humble opinion, one of these people who stands out is my pal and fellow illustrator, Jeannie Phan. Today I’m wrapping up the week by sharing some of her illustrated GIFs and illustrations before diving into some fun links from the web and D*S. (Be sure to check her out on Instagram where you’ll find plenty of feline and foliage fun.) I hope you all have a great and inspired weekend! –Sabrina











    • Monday Mood: Ear Candy (your go-to playlist for the week!)


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