15 Spaces with Stunning Architectural Features

15 Spaces with Stunning Architectural Features

I’m glad to see that there is a revival happening in newer, custom-built homes to bring more character and personality into the living spaces. The bare-bones, builder-grade standard that the U.S. has adapted over the last 50 years is lacking in areas where there could instead be something special.


Moldings, decorative ceilings, arching doorways, unique fireplaces and other architectural touches give hints about when the home was built, what style or designer influenced it, and even the person who first lived there. A Spanish home from the 1920s, for instance, will probably include rounded doorways and fireplaces in stucco, and a neoclassical house might have columns in the great room. These design elements that tell a home’s story are beautiful, stately and anything but boring — and we can’t get enough of them. Click through the gallery to find 15 homes that understand this concept: design is in the details. –Lauren





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