A Creative Twosome’s Tidy & Soothing British Victorian

A Creative Twosome’s Tidy & Soothing British Victorian

When video game designer Philip Mehr and his partner Lucie Eleanor, a food and lifestyle photographer, first moved into this West London Victorian, it didn’t have a front door or a floor. The pair even had to step over pipes just to get around the house! Living in a construction site for a year and a half didn’t bother this creative pair in the least, though. Their past apartments have helped them realize how much they actually prefer starting from scratch when decorating a space. This is a team that truly revels in the steady process of curating a look bit by bit and piece by piece.


When Lucie and Philip began decorating their Victorian, they were sure to make decisions that would help keep the space organized and tidy. They work from home on occasion, and between Lucie’s many styling props and Philip’s various tech accessories, the home can easily slip into disarray at any moment. Carefully planning how they utilize every inch of cabinet space holds off chaos and has allowed them to maintain the “… minimalistic [but not] empty” look they love. Even if they’re on their organizational A-game, however, it’s not realistic for the family to never use additional storage. Vintage trunks have proven to be a stylish way to add storage space without having to accomodate bulky wardrobes or furniture that would detract from their pared-down taste.


Speaking of furniture, in typical Lucie and Philip fashion, snagging the home’s larger pieces wasn’t a cut-and-dry experience. “I didn’t just want to buy all of my furniture at once and have it all matching,” Lucie shares. “I wanted to have different-looking pieces [I could] tie together to create a style.” Clearly this strategy has worked, as the couple’s years of collecting has awarded them a trove of great pieces they truly adore.


The more I think about how thoughtful each of these decorating decisions are, the more memorable the two-bedroom home’s moody color scheme becomes. Why? Well, during any design project, color influences everything, and it’s arguably the most important decision. That being said, you’d think planners like Lucie and Philip would ponder their home’s final palette for weeks. Nope. This time around, it came together, strangely enough, quite organically. “We like quiet, muted colors… it wasn’t really a conscious decision, we were both just drawn to those types of colors,” the couple tells us. Follow the jump to see exactly what hues the family landed on, and meet the pair and their foster cat, Enzo. Enjoy! —Garrett


Photography by Lucie Eleanor



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