Our Most Beloved Instagram Photos Ever

Our Most Beloved Instagram Photos Ever

In the beginning, blogs felt like the ultimate community connector. When I first moved to NYC, blogs were the platform through which I met all of the most important people in my life, from friends to cherished colleagues. But as time goes on, social media is becoming the world where I’m discovering new people, places and ideas at a rapid and exhilarating pace. I just hopped on Snapchat (“Designsponge” if you want to follow me, it’s the most personal updating I’m doing online), but my first love will always be Instagram. It was the platform that reignited my passion for art, design and makers, and it constantly reminds me that there is NO end to inspiration online. So today I wanted to celebrate that community and the amazing images that you’ve all been sharing with us over the years.


I’m sharing our 15 most beloved Instagram photos of all time. The majority of these are the results of our hashtag challenges and highlight just how incredibly talented, motivating and inspiring our creative community is. I have always been impressed by the people in our world, and this little highlight reel is just another reminder that each and every member of this online creative neighborhood is endlessly talented. Enjoy! xo, grace



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