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Earlier this year, Helena Price set out to discover and shed light on those underrepresented individuals (people of color, women, people aged 50+, LGBT, disabled, working parents, etc.) working in the technology space. In an effort to celebrate the triumphs, illuminate the hardships, and showcase a more comprehensive picture of the industry, this week she launched Techies, a portrait project that shares the stories of these Silicon Valley tech employees. Seriously impressive!



Inspired by this project, today’s roundup features the best links from the web this week surrounding storytelling, technology and underrepresented individuals – along with this week’s awesome D*S posts. –Sabrina



    • Apple’s new film starring an autistic teen and how technology has transformed his life will give you chills.
    • The start-up landscape boasts both fairytale and nightmarish stories, but this article written by Dan Lyons, a 52-year-old former Newsweek journalist who goes to work for a software company, gives just a taste of the latter. (He even wrote a book on the experience which also came out this week.)
    • First came rentable co-working spaces, but now, the people behind WeWork have launched WeLive which similarly offers affordable, community-based alternative housing solutions in New York and Arlington, VA – whether it be for a day, a month or a year. You’ve got to check out the rooms!
    • When faced with the choice, I’ll always opt for good old pencil and paper, but I have to admit, Moleskine’s new Smart Writing Set seems pretty awesome. Read more about it here.




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