Greenery Warms Up a Modern Home in Iowa

Greenery Warms Up a Modern Home in Iowa

One day, a day like any other, prop stylist Joseph Wanek clocked in on-set. He moved about the studio, decorations in hand, prepping for an upcoming photoshoot alongside graphic designer Nick Sellers. It was the first time the pair had ever worked together, and from the moment they met, something was definitely there. The two kept it strictly professional for a bit until one evening, curiosities piqued, and Joseph and Nick went on a date. Fast forward three-and-a-half years, and they’re now living together in this pretty, plant-filled home in Des Moines, Iowa.


When they first got the keys, both guys were a bit curious as to how their personal styles would converge in the home. Joseph favors a more streamlined, industrial design, but Nick, a fan of all things mid-century modern, prefers being surrounded by items from his grandmother’s collection of vintage furniture. Working closely together, they’ve puzzle-pieced together the very best of their respective collections of flea-market finds and hand-me-down furniture. As you click through, you’ll notice that all of these belongings are surrounded by dozens of houseplants. They dot the space, creating a bright, greenhouse-effect – which the couple says is their favorite aspect of the home.


Joseph and Nick are loving how their home has come together, but if it weren’t for this duo’s keen eye for design, the space may have never reached its full potential. At first blush, the outdated kitchen alone was terrible enough to drive away any number of timid buyers. Its 1980s makeover had left it full of less-than-ideal furnishings: laminate countertops, vinyl flooring and outdated cabinetry, to name a few. For over a year, Nick and Joseph have toiled with its look, choosing to install concrete counters, a new backsplash and decking out the walls in a subtle, grey hue. With their first major project complete, the couple then went about painting and sprucing up the rest of the house. Without a doubt they’ve done a stellar job, and I’m so grateful they’re letting us take a peek at the results. Enjoy! –Garrett


Photography courtesy of Lauren Konrad



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