Monday Mood: Head-To-Toe Beauty



For years, I was the queen of sweatpants and PJ/graphic tees, but as I mature and find my stride in life, fashion and beauty have taken on a new meaning for me. I’ve discovered my niche and fallen in love with certain brands – Madewell, ZaraOutdoor VoicesFree People, H&M and Wild Fox (for my inner-novelty-shirt fangirl) to name a few.


More than looks, fashion and beauty are about self-care and celebrating your body, daily acts that often become an extension of your personality. Today we’re talking hairstyle tutorials, Stella McCartney, and skivvies – and a peek inside Joanna Gaines’ makeup bag and smoothies your skin will thank you for. Here are oodles of links to products, songs, social feeds and articles to keep you fresh and fashionable, from head to toe. –Sabrina



    • Got shorter hair? This how-to video tutorial shows four effortless styles for spring.
    • Summer’s coming – albeit slowly – and I always opt for a dress over shorts, any day. This Ruffle Me Up mini dress is super-pretty and comes in a few patterns/colors.
    • Warm weather is around the corner, which also means your undergarments have a higher chance of making an appearance in some way, shape or form (let’s face it: we got away with wearing our torn bras and worn-elastic undies under winter’s sweatpants and chunky knit sweaters for a while, but it’s time to freshen up and invest in some comfortable, quality pieces). Here’s a bunch of independent lingerie brands with plenty of options.
    • H&M is finally opening its site to online shopping in Canada! And for those who’ve already enjoyed it in the US, there’s still reason to get excited: their recent release of the H&M Conscious line has plenty of stunners.
    • Ever wonder what Joanna Gaines keeps in her makeup bag? Wonder no more! (Can you tell I’m obsessed with her?!)


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