Happy Passover + Best of the Web



For the past few years, I’ve celebrated Passover with Julia’s family, and this year we’ll be hopping in the car and heading north to meet with the rest of her extended family to honor the holiday. I love family heirlooms and beloved hand-me-down pieces, but a part of me always longs to see artists and designers tackle traditional/religious elements in a modern way. So when I heard from Isabel Halley in Brooklyn about her contemporary Seder plate, I was in.





Isabel uses a pinching technique to create these lightweight handmade pieces that make up her “Not Your Grandmother’s Seder Plate” design. Each piece features hand-painted writing in hebrew (on the undersides) and is finished with a clear glaze and 22-karat gold rims to create a sophisticated contrast. I love the idea of a young family investing in this piece and turning it into something special that will be handed down for generations to come. If you’re looking for something modern and special to use on your Passover table, click here to check out Isabel’s new design. Until Monday, best wishes for a safe and happy holiday (and weekend!). xo, grace




    • I cannot believe Prince passed away. I am still in shock. I can only be happy for the next galaxy or planet he’s on now – they’re going to love him so much. “Life is a party and parties aren’t meant to last.” So true, but so sad.
    • This article on why the web ISN’T dead (yay!) makes me happy. I love the connections that form online and how strong of a community-building tool it can be.
    • Speaking of patterns, I just splurged on this French Dot swim suit at J Crew. I also bought a long sleeve rash guard because I’m always too cold to go in the water.
    • Julia’s cookbook is available for pre-order! I have watched Small Victories come to life over the past few years and I could not be prouder of her. This book is 30 years in the making and overflowing with love, inspiration and practical advice to help anyone and everyone put meaningful (and delicious) meals on the table. And that gingham spine? It’s like Julia, in book form. I love it.




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