An Airy Modern Greenhouse in Brooklyn

An Airy Modern Greenhouse in Brooklyn

When Dana Arbib of A Peace Treaty offered to take us on personal tours of her friends’ most beautiful homes (after sharing her own stunning apartment), we couldn’t wait to see all the spaces that mean the most to her. The first is that of her “fauna curator” and former roommate Christan Summers, who now lives with partner Ivan Martinez in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Dana couldn’t be happier to see her friends – and the brains behind Tula, a mobile plantscaping shop – growing and thriving in a greenhouse of their own. “I’ve always been inspired by Christan’s nurturing spirit,” Dana says. “I love that we share a similar drive to embrace, and modernize the ‘old-meets-new’ process – while never compromising the integrity of ancient techniques, education, and history. Christan’s apartment is a luscious sanctuary, and really showcases her keen eye for design, composition, style, and the beauty of nature.”


The 930-square-foot modern loft offers a mezzanine for Christan and Ivan’s stock of handmade planters, at least until their proper retail showroom space is complete. The pair like to keep things “as minimal as plant and art lovers can,” Christan explains. “No clutter, no unnecessary objects that collect too much dust. If you take away all the plants, this place is pretty empty. We love the feeling of a gallery space – we can always change the arrangement.” Ivan brought the sleek essentials, like a table, chairs, and bookcases, while Christan introduced some beloved vintage furniture from her grandmother and parents. And despite the two-story vertical, the couple has made a point of hanging few pieces of art. “We like the walls left white – we fill the space with green instead.” –Annie


Photography by Genevieve Garruppo



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