Best of the Web + Dusen Dusen for Paperless Post



Two years ago, Max did a great piece on the revival of Memphis-era design trends. Giant squiggles, geometric shapes, and bold primary colors were popping up everywhere – and one of our favorite artists exploring the modern interpretation of that style was Ellen Van Dusen of Dusen Dusen. I loved Ellen’s last collection (modeled by Aidy Bryant), so I was excited to hear that she was launching a new capsule collection with Paperless Post.





The Dusen Dusen for Paperless Post collection has 10 brightly-colored invitations inspired by rooftop parties and late-night dancing. Each design features a vivid graphic and/or geometric pattern that feels perfect for summer parties. I love seeing all of these colors after a cold winter of neutrals, so these are going on my wish list for any summer soirees. Click here to check them out online and to order. xo, grace




    • Taste of Streep: one of the funniest Instagram feeds ever. Yep, it’s a collection of Meryl Streep collages. Just what the Internet was made for.
    • This new IKEA collection is so Scandinavian-chic. I get so excited when IKEA works with great designers to do capsule collections like this one.
    • I wouldn’t mind having my own private island. But I’d want to invite everyone to come join us in our tiny lake-within-a-lake. (via Greg)




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