Monday Mood: Small, But Mighty



Dream big, start small is my mantra today, and going into this week, I’m inspired to make small changes now that will have big impacts later. On a small scale, I’ve been putting a pinch of baking soda in my morning coffee lately to combat the acidity – and it’s done wonders for my sensitive tummy. On a medium-sized scale, I’m forever-tweaking my home with tiny transformations to make it function better. And on a large scale, I’m newly engaged (!!!) and trying to make small choices now that might save me stress in the long run.



Call it efficiency – call it delayed gratification – it’s all about making the most with what you’ve got, and discovering the small things you can do now that save you oodles of time and/or heartache later. Be kind to yourself and give it a try! Setting the tone this week are a handful of small bit mighty ideas on everything from combatting bedhead and organizing your bottomless pit of a handbag, to making the most of every nook in your home and little tweaks that will change how you live. -Sabrina



    • There are countless ways IKEA’s GRUNDTAL rail systems can change your life on a budget. Think of using them in a living room as a magazine rack or bookshelf; in the laundry room to store clothespins, detergent, towels; in a mudroom for shoes and hats; or go bold in your kitchen and stack rails in place of an upper cabinet! You name a storage need, GRUNDTAL can solve it.
    • As summer approaches, forgetting this one tiny thing when you leave the house can be the difference between enjoying your day or not. Any guesses? I’m talking about a good pair of sunnies! I love nearly every piece from Warby Parker’s new Summer 2016 line.


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