Paint it Black: 15 Bold and Beautiful Dark Walls

Paint it Black: 15 Bold and Beautiful Dark Walls

For a considerable amount of time, whites and neutrals dominated the interior space – and, admittedly,  still continue to, whether you’re a lover of the trend or not. But one thing’s for certain: As much as I love a clean, minimal space, there’s no reason why that aesthetic can’t be accomplished using white’s counterpart: black (or close to). I personally love the hue (or lack thereof) and how, when done right, it instantly grounds a room, makes it feel deliberately finished, adds character, and becomes a fantastic backdrop for your art, furniture and life.


If you’ve thought about painting it black and previously shied away from the idea, think again! These 15 dynamic and bold rooms showcase black (or nearly black) in all of it’s beautiful nuances and demonstrate just how different you can make a dark room look and feel – from a classic bathroom to a playful bedroom. –Sabrina



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