Statement Pieces Breathe New Life Into a New Jersey Victorian

Statement Pieces Breathe New Life Into a New Jersey Victorian

That one piece. We all have it. The day you found it, you were probably skipping through a shop, and in a flash everything went dark and there it stood. A lamp. A sofa. A mirror. Whatever it was, I’m sure it came home with you, and an entire room was built around it. For me, it was a blue velvet sofa. A couple years ago it was on super clearance, and I didn’t even measure it before giddily snatching it up. Luckily the sofa fit, and since then, it has informed every design decision I’ve made for my home. Put simply, it’s the pièce de résistance of my place, and I’m not alone in my strategy. Joey and Mark of Ball & Claw Vintage have decorated each one of their New Jersey Victorian’s rooms around unique statement pieces.


When Joey’s job left Manhattan and relocated to Jersey City, neither he nor his partner, Mark, were convinced they should leave behind their Brooklyn home and start fresh. To help them decide, the couple took a drive out to visit the area and were quite surprised by what they found. The Park Slope-esque neighborhood was much more metropolitan and fun than they had imagined. On the quick jaunt, Mark and Joey chanced upon a local who recommended his real estate agent and *poof* insta-home! Featuring 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, parquet floors, stained-glass windows and many other gorgeous original details, the home the agent showed them was a stunner for sure.


A short time later, the couple’s Brooklyn home was on the market and the keys to the new Victorian were in their hands. From the get-go, the guys set out to modernize – but not compromise – the integrity of their gorgeous new space. It was built in the late 1880s, and as with any old home, it came with its quirks. New wiring, updated plumbing and general cleaning-up took place before the real fun began: decorating. On weekends, these two vintage-lovers drove all around the Northeast tracking down stellar finds. The home’s two stunning fireplaces, as well as eclectic rugs and doors, are just a few of the fun and unusual touches they picked up.


Each of these statement pieces have greatly inspired every inch of the space that surrounds them. As visitors walk from one room to the next, they see that each one is decorated in a different color and style but always with the eclectic touch the couple is known for. “We love when people say they feel like they are in a museum whenever they walk through. We especially love to use lots of color, large art pieces, plants, and textiles when decorating a room,” they share. They couldn’t imagine being able to create a home so personal and inspirational with new construction or inside a giant condo, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s the original quirks and unique finds that make this particular home sing. Click through to see more, and enjoy! –Garrett


Photography by Jen Chanyi



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