New Wallpaper from Juju Papers + Best of the Web



All week my mind has been wrapping itself around the concepts of “new” and “old.” It started with a conversation about what’s so wrong (or so right?) about all-white rooms and continued with an amazing movie Julia and I saw last night about a beloved LA restaurant critic who famously champions both what’s “new and cool” and what’s longstanding and overlooked. It made me think a lot about the way our culture rushes to celebrate the latest and greatest, but sometimes overlooks the wonderful things that have always been right under our noses, just waiting to be discovered. It’s with that healthy sense of respect for the undiscovered or “what came before” that I go into the beginning of next week’s design season in NYC. There will be so many new and exciting things to see (and share here), but I also want to do my best to keep in mind – and put into context – the designers and influences that have come before and informed or inspired these bright, shiny and new things. The greater a grasp we have on what (and who) came before, the greater appreciation and understanding we’ll have for the exciting new things we see today.



Environment_1_Hoya_Diamonds and Pearls


Speaking of new and exciting, I’m happy to end this week with the latest wallpaper designs from Avery Thatcher at Juju Papers in Portland, OR. Avery knows I’ve never met a metallic print I didn’t like, so her new collection sat in my inbox for barely a half second before I snapped it up for a post. All of those pretty golds, silvers and rose golds are calling my name. They’ll be on display in person at ICFF this year, but you can also check them out in detail (and shop online) right here at Juju.



Until then, here’s wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a very happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. (And a very big thank you to my mom, who taught me to appreciate striped curtains and how to make a great vignette at an early age). xo, grace


Hoya_Gold on Charcoal


Palea_Gold Charcoal








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