15 Rooms That Make Wall-to-Wall Carpet Shine

15 Rooms That Make Wall-to-Wall Carpet Shine

Ever since our discussion about all-white walls, I’ve been thinking a lot about design styles – especially those that get a bad rap. And when it comes to design choices that people seem to unilaterally loathe these days, it’s wall-to-wall carpet. A quick search through our archive of over 17,000 posts reveals that the word “removed” was the most commonly appearing word before the word “carpet.” It feels as if every home tour, makeover and shop visit we’ve ever run features some version of someone having pulled up wall-to-wall carpet in exchange for wood, tile or concrete floors.


But what if that’s not an option? For most renters, ripping out existing carpet isn’t a choice they have. And for many of us, putting in new hardwood floors (because sadly, the only thing some carpet is hiding is even worse sub-flooring below) isn’t in the budget. And for even more of us, we happen to like the way soft flooring feels under our feet. I grew up in homes with wall-to-wall carpeting (always installed by previous owners and always in odd shades of green), and whenever we drive to Virginia to visit, I’m reminded of how nice it is to walk around barefoot on something soft and cushy. So today I thought I’d share some beautiful interiors that embrace wall-to-wall carpeting in a number of styles, colors and textures. For all of you who have emailed me with the question, “What do I do with this carpet?” – these homes are the answer. They’ve embraced the look, learned to layer area rugs stylishly on top, and proven that wood floors aren’t the only option for a gorgeous space.



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