Infusing Color and DIY Charm into a Cookie-Cutter Home in New Mexico

Infusing Color and DIY Charm into a Cookie-Cutter Home in New Mexico

There’s never a dull moment in the Naranjo family’s household. With three daughters (ages 13, 15 and 20), and two dogs (Liberty the Great Dane and Luka the Yorkie), time has flown by for Nichol and her husband Dominic.


After buying this starter tract home in Albuquerque, NM a decade ago, the plan was to tackle some light renovations and flip it a few years later. But, as Nichol points out, “then the market crashed.” Forced to stay in this home for longer than they anticipated, Nichol has since gone above and beyond to infuse it with some much-needed character and charm. “We actually bought our house before seeing floor plans or a model home, and luckily, we still love it. The lack of character has only been met as a challenge, one that I welcome,” she shares.


Throughout the process, Nichol found a passion for interior decorating and design, one which has inspired her to make it a profession. She’s still homeschooling her youngest daughter, Téa, but after she enters high school in the near future, Nichol plans to launch her business beyond Instagram. Despite the fun she has designing her own home, she was quick to realize that there’s only so much that decorating can fix. “My wheels are constantly turning as I walk through or sit down in any room in our house,” she says, “but I wish I had more living space for dinner parties, etc. Our bedrooms are quite large and if ever we move, I would rather have that square footage in the areas where we entertain!”


A functional and beautiful refuge for the whole family, “and anyone else who comes into our home,” Nichol’s goal with the interior was to create a space that feels safe and comfortable. “Life can be difficult for everyone at some point,” she admits, “and I want my home to feel like an escape from any difficulties, if even for a moment.” –Sabrina


Photography by Dominic Naranjo



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