Experimental Decorating Enlivens a Missouri Craftsman

Experimental Decorating Enlivens a Missouri Craftsman

I recently came across two tapestries that actually made me gasp. Yes, audibly gasp. While gorgeous, neither makes sense in my home. I bought them anyway. I tend to do that. I call it “buy before I try” decorating, and it’s sort of fun! You should give it a try. Next time you come across a piece of furniture or a decoration you aren’t sure will work in your home, just give it a go. Maybe you’ll be surprised at the combinations and styles you create?


Brittany Kingery and her husband Justin gave this experimental style of decorating a whirl when they moved into their Springfield, MO home. Sure, the 1920s Craftsman’s high ceilings, abundance of natural light and open floor plan were ideal, but that old carpet and outdated kitchen? They had to go. As did most of the home’s other furnishings. While a bit daunting at first, the couple quickly realized the old home’s setbacks had presented them with the opportunity to try out various decorating styles, trends, patterns and colors in a way they never had before.


The space’s bold flooring is perhaps the element of their home that most embodies their give-it-a-go approach. When they pulled up the home’s carpet, Brittany and Justin were sure they’d find beautiful wood below. Nope. The wood planks were in such bad shape, the couple decided to take a risk and paint them instead. In the face of this challenge, most homeowners would have chosen a nicely noninvasive hue, but the Kingerys aren’t most homeowners. They boldly took a risk and painted their bedroom’s floor jet black and the kitchen’s a punchy green. They had their doubts, but they reminded themselves that this home was about rolling the dice and going for it.


In the end, they couldn’t be happier with the results of their experiments. While these trials are obviously visually stunning, each one has also come with an unintended consequence. Brittany and Justin have learned a thing or two about themselves, how they work as a team, where each of their talents lie – and they’ve discovered “skills and perhaps even talents” they hadn’t realized they possessed. That’s what stepping outside the box can do, and this couple and home are a fabulous testament to that power. Click through to take a look at their handiwork. Enjoy! –Garrett


Interior Photography by Brittany Kingery | Portrait by Climer Photography



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