In Queens, Two Art-Lovers Make Room for Baby

In Queens, Two Art-Lovers Make Room for Baby

The places you’ve visited, the people you’ve loved, and the way you were raised are just a few of the factors that can greatly impact the way you style your home. Sometimes we don’t even realize that these influences are guiding us, while other times they’re top-of-mind and honoring them becomes a priority. For Nora Gomez-Strauss and her husband David, two things have influenced their Queens, NY home more than anything else: the Queens Museum and their son Santiago.


If it weren’t for the former, this pair would have never met. Nora was launching the Queens Museum’s social channels and David was its Director of External Affairs when they first started dating. While they’ve since moved on to other roles, their deep love for art has remained and is evident from the moment you step through their front door. An evocative, dramatic piece they picked up on a trip to Cuba sets the tone for their pad and greets visitors. From there, you’ll find art both big and small around every corner, most of which they’ve bought at auction to support their favorite charities. There’s even a painting by David’s mother in the living room and a one-of-a-kind installation above their son’s crib. At some points, it’s as if you’re walking through a gallery.


Art galleries are gorgeous, but they aren’t always the most kid-friendly of places. That being said, when their little guy Santiago came around, the couple had to rethink pretty much everything about their apartment. Their old home office now holds his crib and toys, and the living room’s record collection shares the spotlight with toys and children’s books. Perhaps the space that has been the most affected is the kitchen. Years before Santiago came along the couple renovated it, installing IKEA shelving and open storage. Displaying their neatly-curated stemware and glasses was easy when it was just the two of them, but with Santiago came sippy cups and mini silverware galore. The kitchen is a bit harder to maintain now, but the couple says it’s changed the way they view cleaning and tidiness. There’s no slacking on chores now!


Sure, the home’s never 100% put-together like it once was, but Nora and David’s pad simply wasn’t complete until Santiago arrived. His giggles and smile fill the space with happiness. His parents also say he’s inherited their love for art and has already begun scribbling and having fun with paints and markers. It sounds like this fun family is going to need more wall space. Follow the jump to take a peek at the rest of their Queens, NY home. Enjoy! –Garrett


Photography by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez



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