Before & After: A Mid-Century Post and Beam Home in Mt. Washington

Before & After: A Mid-Century Post and Beam Home in Mt. Washington

Renovation superstars Alexandra Becket and Greg Steinberg of the design/build firm ModOp Design work their rehab magic all over Los Angeles. The pair found a rundown mid-century modern post and beam home in need of their help in the Mt. Washington hills. Originally built in 1964 during their favorite era of California architecture, Alex and Greg seized their first opportunity to work on a building from this time. They were glad to achieve yet another first – keeping the home’s 1,668-square-foot original floor plan, which they attribute to the comfortable, open flow of the period layout.


They began the project by tackling all the basic systems, totally overhauling the plumbing, electrical, heat, and AC, replacing windows and repairing original siding. New walnut and douglas fir floors were installed in place of worn carpet and tile – all within a five-month timeline. Despite these grand achievements, Alex and Greg had to leave a few things remaining on their wishlist. They wanted to stain the living room and kitchen ceiling beams instead of painting them white, but the cost would have put them over budget. They also tried to salvage all the wood paneling in the office, but sadly found it was too far gone with water damage to be fixed. Luckily, the built-in bookcase, one of their favorite features of the home, was in great shape and survived the previous years of neglect. “We were able to bring that room back to its glory days!” Alex proudly shares. They also transformed a boarded-up pass-through window from the kitchen to the deck, replacing the glass and setting up a leisurely bar just outside.


Embodying the free spirit of 1960s California, the couple staged the home with mid-century furniture and accessories – mostly vintage pieces they collected over time, including some special hand-me-downs from parents and grandparents. Alex and Greg are most thankful that they were able to bring the house back to life, and to create a new living space for the grateful homeowners who steward it today. –Annie


Photography by Charmaine David



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