Jessica Williams for Dusen Dusen + Best of the Web



There’s something in the air lately, and everyone seems to be pondering the ideas of minimalism and what that means for their own personal style and needs. Two weeks ago we discussed the concept of all-white homes and what that may (or may not) represent, and then this week I heard from Ellen Van Dusen, who was equally inspired to explore that theme after having her own reactions to the “Marie Kondo aesthetic/mentality.” The result was a brand new look book, and new products, designed around the theme, “Live minimally, maximally.”



DDHome_FINAL-20160303-1226 copy


Ellen always has the most incredible (and talented) people in her look books, and this time she worked with the mind-blowingly awesome Jessica Williams. I’ve been a huge fan of Jessica’s since seeing her on The Daily Show, but now I listen to her, and Phoebe Robinson, every week on 2 Dope Queens. If you haven’t listened to their comedy podcast yet, check the link in the roundup below for my favorite episode.



DDHome_FINAL-20160303-975ed copy




Jessica posed with Ellen’s latest designs in this super cute shoot that also includes Ellen’s adorable dog, Snips. My favorite designs are those amazing orange cubes and the bright and graphic shower curtains. That’s a market that still needs so much love, so I’m glad Ellen is lending her design skills to a much-overlooked area of the home. Click here to check out the new collection and shop online. Until Monday, have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace



*Speaking of amazing women I admire, have you seen Lizzo’s newest video? “Good as Hell” is as powerful a mood-booster as any song/video I’ve seen in a while. We’re going to see her perform in NYC next week, I’m so excited! Turn it up and dance, we made it to the weekend! Lizzo is going to be in my new book this fall, too. Stay tuned!



    • Can we talk about this amazing kitchen in the Australian home of Justin and Sarah? This is swoon-worthy to the nth degree. I love, love, love the dark lower cabinets. (Design Files)
    • Speaking of cool things, I love this Typography Light Box over at Oh Joy! It’s Joy’s birthday this week, too. Happy Birthday, Joy!
    • I love the pink and gold accents in this new Scandinavian-inspired hotel in NYC. I can never resist a dusty rose bedding option. (Remodelista)
    • This is the new print issue that I have to get my hands on: Aperture magazine’s “Vision & Justice” issue addressing the role of photography in the African American experience, guest edited by Sarah Lewis, the distinguished author and art historian. (Black Contemporary Art)




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