Michael Mapes + Best of the Web



Sometimes I see art that makes me feel completely and utterly dumbfounded. And this week, that artwork belongs to the incredibly talented Michael Mapes. Jessica Marquez emailed me a link to his work the other day, and I spent the next 10 minutes trying to pick my jaw up off the floor.





Michael makes stunning pieces that are comprised of tiny bits of paper, glass and other ephemera, carefully pinned onto boards. Up close they look like a detailed cabinet of curiosities, but from a distance they create grand, mosaic-style images. Michael’s “Dutch Masters” series is what first caught my eye and I love that every tiny (and I mean tiny), pinned detail feels like its own miniature work of art – from clippings of paper and photographs to fabric samples, botanical specimens, x-rays, clay, thread and bits of glass. If these pieces don’t inspire you to make something with your own two hands, I don’t know what will. At the very least, hopefully they’ll inspire you to dig deeper into Michael’s website and enjoy his spectacular body of work. xo, grace









    • I’ve been working on getting “After the Jump” back up and running and have been listening to a million podcasts in preparation. One of the podcasts I’m most looking forward to is “Code Switch” at NPR. The way our identities affect the way we live and interact with those around us is a fascinating and important topic.
    • Meghan’s garden trellis DIY makeover at One Kings Lane is genius. Seriously. This is such a chic way to makeover a small backyard space (or a fire escape!).
    • These black and white tiles! Oh man, they are my home equivalent of a little black dress (or jeans). Always a good idea. (SFGirlbyBay)
    • Need some snacks for the holiday weekend? And some podcasts to go with them? I love this roundup of both at Food52.
    • Speaking of putting your feet up – how cute are these new shoes? I haven’t been this excited about fashion in a long time. Hellooo, winky face.




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