Memorial Day



I grew up in a city with a strong military presence and pride, so holidays like today always take on a special significance. Memorial Day is dedicated to the brave women and men who gave their lives in service of our country, and today we wanted to take a moment to honor their memory and express our gratitude to their families for the great sacrifices they all made.


It can be easy to get caught up in the heat of an election season, debates and controversy, but holidays like today are an important and much-needed reminder that there are people who have given everything they have for our county and are no longer here to have their voices heard. I live across the street from our town’s small cemetery, and this morning I plan on visiting to leave flowers. If you happen to be near your town’s cemetery, a walk through to honor today’s holiday is always a nice way to put the day in perspective.


We all know the importance of home, so our entire Design*Sponge team would like to honor and remember all those who died in the service of our country, ensuring we would have those safe spaces to call home here. –Grace


*Image above from Erin and Ben’s home



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