Come Chat With Me! Facebook LIVE + Best of the Web

fb live


Over the past 12 years of blogging, only one thing really bugs me: that we can’t all get together and talk in person. I find myself saying on a regular basis, “I could talk about that for hours…” and then wishing I had a group of likeminded people hanging around our neighborhood so I could talk, ask questions and share advice and ideas in person. I’m so thankful to have that here, online, but I’ve always wanted to be able to connect more, face-to-face, with everyone reading and writing here. And the day has finally come!



I tried to get into Snapchat, but it’s never quite felt as natural to me as I wanted. But I’ve fallen totally head-over-heels in love with Facebook Live. Mainly because so many people I love and respect are using it to get the word out about what they’re working on and connect with their community to discuss all sorts of things – and I’m loving it.


So starting next week, I’m going to be logging on and chatting with anyone and everyone who wants to talk! To see what time works best for everyone (and for me), I’m going to start with 2 different session dates/times. Want to join me? Log on to our Facebook page ( at any of the session times below! You can ask anything and everything and I’ll be sharing everything I have in my head and at my fingertips. From business and blogging advice to thoughts on home decor, health and pet rescue – anything is up for discussion and I’m so excited to talk to everyone in real time! See you there! Until Monday, have a great weekend! xo, grace


-FB Live with Grace, Session 1: Tuesday, June 7th at 12pm EST (Lunch break!)


-FB Live with Grace, Session 2: Wednesday, June 8th at 8pm EST (After work)


To join in, just head to Facebook, follow the official Design*Sponge page (, and you’ll see my live post at each time above!



    • I can’t get enough of the band Sunflower Bean right now. R29 did a great profile on them. Catchy summer tunes, ahoy. Does anyone else think the lead singer looks like Grimes’ twin sister?
    • Oooh, this new paint line looks very, very nice. I’m always excited to see fresh new colors enter the paint game.




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