12 Gorgeous Restored, Refinished and Reclaimed Floors

12 Gorgeous Restored, Refinished and Reclaimed Floors

This last week, I started the process of packing up my current home and cleaning and painting my future home. Both are very similar in a lot of ways. They are both brick apartment buildings built a century ago, they’re both spacious two bedrooms, and they’re both full of beautiful original hardwood floors and moulding. One thing that will change the way I decorate my new home is the finish of the floors. My current floors are a very orange, light wood stain. The floors in the new place are dark and deep with red undertones. The dark pieces that gave weight to my old floors will get lost now and lighter or brighter items will show off the beauty of the rich wood and its finish. All that to say, now more than ever, I’m appreciating the impact that a finish and texture of a floor makes on a space.


The 12 floors in this gallery have been reclaimed from barn wood, refinished with coffee grounds or a white wash, or restored to their former glory. Enjoy! –Lauren





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